Purple dusk - for sale 11.8 x 15.7"
Arthur haas purple dusk small
Arthur haas purple dusk framed small
Arthur haas purpledusk framed light
Arthur haas dscn3636
Arthur haas dscn3638
Purple dusk - for sale 11.8 x 15.7"

There's something about the time of day when the sun has just gone down but there;s still light enough to see, a kind of quiet, introvert, almost melancholy kind of feeling for me. What would that be like on another world, in another dimension perhaps. I've tried to capture that emotion with oil and pallette knives, applying it thick here, scaping it away there to get an inner glow effect on the vegetation.. But all vague enough so there is some room left to wander and wonder. This one is for sale for € 340,-. This is with a frame and shipping included. It's painted on canvas on panel, is signed and varnished and is a unique item. It comes with a frame ready to be hanged and comes well packed. You can contact me through the contact page for details.

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